Friday, February 21, 2014

Hello All!!!

Hey everybody! My name is Stacey. 

I'm 13 years old and I have Type 1 Diabetes.
I was diagnosed at the end of last summer. I check my blood sugar 5 times a day, take insulin and have to watch what I eat. I go see my endocrinologist, Dr. V, every three months, and my mom has to send her my levels every 2 weeks so she can make sure that I'm on track.
I know that this is a serious disease and that I have to watch what I eat and drink. I know that I'm not the only teenager with this problem, but sometimes I feel like I'm all alone. 

So I'll talk to you!

I want you to come and on my journey. I have to lose weight and stay healthy, and so do you. I'm going to upload videos and pics, and take you with me as I go.
Follow me!!!
This is me before I was diagnosed. 
My blood sugar was really high
(like in the 800s!) and I didn't know. 
I slept all the time and had bad stomach aches.
This is me when I was first diagnosed and in the hospital :(
This is me when I was coming home from the hospital :)