Monday, October 26, 2015

Halloween Time : The Candy Problem

 Do you want to hear the most spookiest of the spooky, the most terrifying of the terrifying story ever? Well if not, stop reading and sign off because even if you don't want to, I'm going to tell you any way. It was about two years ago on a dark and stormy night. A little girl who shall remains nameless went to a Halloween party... She could eat all if the candy she wanted. She could have had all of the things and treats and sodas she wanted.... But then, the most terrible thing happened to her...... Can you guess what happened? She became a diabetic at the age of 12 years old... Scary right? And the girl who shall remain nameless. That was me. Any way, that used to be my life. I used to go to my cousins Halloween parties and eat and drink anything that I wanted. But now I can't. But I still can eat candy. Just not the real stuff. You know. The whoppers, jolly ranchers, everlasting gobbstoppers etc. But there is still good candy out there. Thanks to the people who love me so much , there's this thing called sugar free candy. Now don't get so excited. I know like what is that, right? But stuff like this is out there for us. So whenever you wanna go to a party that has candy, especially a Halloween party, do what my mom did. Get a couple of pieces and then give it to your parents. Or just bring you own candy to the party. I would lobe to tell you more, but you're going to have to watch me on YouTube... Tonight go to YouTube and search Sugar Makes Me Sick and watch and subscribe. By guys...✌✌✌✌✌✌ #T1D

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

It's Okay Now

  So. I know I havent posted in a while... But there has been some things going on that prevented me to getting to it. But if you can just sit tight and listen, I'll tell you all about it. Deal? Okay. So I dont think I have ever told you this,  a couple of months ago, my a1c was 15. that's unreadable and very dangerous. But it wasn't just one time. It was five times in a row. I know you're probably thinking, " Why is your a1c so high that it's unreadable?" But give me a chance to explain will you? It was high because I went through a fase. The next question you probably are thinking about asking is probably, "What phase makes a girl like you want to almost kill yourself?". But that wasn't my intention. I didn't exactly know that was happening.... But the phase was that i didn't feel like it was important for me to take any medicine or check my blood sugar or do any of that important stuff. I thought that diabetes was just a dream and that soon I would wake up. But that was obviously a big mistake. Would you like to know how? Well, I'll tell you.
   It was a mistake because a lot of stuff was happening to me. I was getting very sick and very skinny.... Like very skinny. Then I was warned that if I continued to do wrong, I would be moved into a foster home... And that they would take my mom to jail. And that would probably never see her again. I didn't want that to happen.. So I woke up, realized that it was real... And that I had to save myself... So I did what I was supposed to do. I started checking my blood sugar and being honest about it. I started taking my medicine and being honest about it... Then my next doctors appointment was wonderful.. Now my a1c is 11.8. That's better than it was. But still not quite right. Well now you know it all.... There will be more. But I'll tell you all about it when I see you again.  Bye guys!!!