Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Best and Worst About T1D

Do you know the worst thing about being a diabetic is? Well I'll tell you. It is NOT GETTING TO EAT WHAT YOU WANT WHEN YOU WANT IT !!!!!!! Before I was diagnosed with T1D, I ate my favorite chips, Flamin' Hots and my favorite candy, watermelon Now & Laters. I know it wasn't the best diet, but I enjoyed them. Now, I can't even have them at all! But I know I will be able to have them again.. One day :(
But there are some good things about having T1D too. The best thing about it is that you can have your own personal food and snacks. After I had got diagnosed with diabetes, I thought to myself, there is no such thing as sugar free candy, chocolate, or drinks for me. What kind of candy is there for me? Well  that's when life as I know it turned around. I found out that there were things for me. To people with Type 1 Diabetes, there are things that are for us. Sure it's not the real stuff we used to eat, but it's for us. And sugary things are not going to stop us because we are strong and we are going to take the struggle one step at a time. 
I'm going to be posting some sugar-free things that I think are the best and the ones that I think are worst. If you have some that are your favorite, please email them to me at sugarmakesmesick@gmail.com, and I will try them and make a video about them!
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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Another Doctor....

I'm getting kind of tired of all of these doctor visits. Primary doctor, Endocrinologist (hope I spelled that right), and today the ophthalmologist. She is a doctor that specializes on diabetics. My mom and I were waiting in the waiting room and there were a lot of people there that are waaay older than both of us. LOL!
But the doctor was really nice and we weren't there long.

When I got home, I was feeling real bad, tho. My level were in the 500s so my mom had to call Dr V (my endocrinologist). I had to check for ketones (eeww!) and take a few correction doses. Then she checked it at 3 this morning and it was 55!!! What in the world??!!

I'm feeling a little better today so I'm on my way to school. I CANNOT miss another Spanish class.
TTYL Sugars....
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Sunday, February 23, 2014

One of my Sundays...

Hey guys :)
I made a few videos of my Sunday. I'm a praise dancer at my church, Spreading the Word Worship Center in Chicago. I had a sausage McMuffin from McDonald's for breakfast, so my blood sugar was high. It has been high a lot lately, even when I don't have good food (lol). I hope it gets better. 
The other dancer in the video is my cousin Tomia. We dance together every week.

I hope you like my videos. If you have any questions about me or my life, and want me to answer them in a video on my blog, email me at sugarmakesmesick@gmail.com.
Tomorrow, I'm going to see my opthamologist about my eyes. I've never been, so I'll have a video of my visit. Talk to you soon :)

Friday, February 21, 2014

Hello All!!!

Hey everybody! My name is Stacey. 

I'm 13 years old and I have Type 1 Diabetes.
I was diagnosed at the end of last summer. I check my blood sugar 5 times a day, take insulin and have to watch what I eat. I go see my endocrinologist, Dr. V, every three months, and my mom has to send her my levels every 2 weeks so she can make sure that I'm on track.
I know that this is a serious disease and that I have to watch what I eat and drink. I know that I'm not the only teenager with this problem, but sometimes I feel like I'm all alone. 

So I'll talk to you!

I want you to come and on my journey. I have to lose weight and stay healthy, and so do you. I'm going to upload videos and pics, and take you with me as I go.
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This is me before I was diagnosed. 
My blood sugar was really high
(like in the 800s!) and I didn't know. 
I slept all the time and had bad stomach aches.
This is me when I was first diagnosed and in the hospital :(
This is me when I was coming home from the hospital :)